Want Spectacular Views & a Dog Friendly Beach?

Where can you find a dog friendly beach in Washington?

Finding a dog friendly beach complete with jaw dropping visuals is a serious challenge. Washington state government and residents put a lot of stock in taking care of the beautiful natural habitat of many indigenous species of wildlife.

not my image, chambers bay tacoma dog friendly beach
not my image, credit goes to seattlebackpackersmagazine.com

Most dog parks in my county are fenced in dust bowls, and no where I’d recommend fellow dog having adventurers go. My golden retriever, Zenith, and I love a good romp without a leash. I loath leashed parks as both my fluffy four-legged child and I are free wandering spirits who don’t stray far from each other and ignore most other people within the park anyway. And god forbid we go to a fenced hell hole government officials label a “dog park” to have an adventure with my pup.


Where can both dog and girl cool off, have some fun, AND enjoy the scenery?

Chambers Bay Dog Park in Tacoma is your dream come true. It’s a dog friendly beach and take a look at that view! Think of the photographs you could get coming here, whether you have a dog or not, this park has everything. It has got gorgeous art pieces, a beautifully maintained walkway, and unforgettable ocean views. Even on days the dog didn’t ride along, I loved visiting Chambers Bay.

dog friendly beach, chambers bay tacoma
not my image, thanks to the website listed for the park
Since Zenith is a typical water dog and adores swimming year-round I’m always on the lookout for a dog friendly, preferably off leash beach, as close as possible to my hometown, Bremerton. Even if Chambers Bay Dog Park is 45 minutes from my home, it’s still a gorgeous experience and something I enjoy visiting as often as my student lifestyle allows me. I haven’t visited this particular park in a few years but I’d definitely return for some gorgeous sunset photographs and a sleepy relaxed dog!




Chambers Creek Properties Dog Park, University Place, WA 98467

Please do not disturb any wildlife!!!! Keep yourself and your dog 100 ft away from seals.

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