43 Ways To Save Up Money To Travel

I Hate Trying To Save Money – I Suck At It

I’ve written before about traveling economically, here if you’re interested, but the saving prior to travel bit is my biggest challenge. I have never been taught how to save money. I grew up in low-income housing, in my family money left over from bills was spent on ice cream from the dollar menu at McDonald’s. Now that I’m an adult making big girl money, I realize my fun money is gone before I have time to decide what I want to spend it on. So I decided that both myself and my readers were deeply in need of some tips to help us save money for those things we really want – adventures! I honest to god have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to budgeting so I put together the below list from the fiscal wisdom of money savvy travelers and financial advisors.


  1. Think small. Saving your change in a piggy bank isn’t such a bad idea. I once saved like $50 after saving all my change (except precious laundry quarters) for like 3 months working as a barista.
  2. If you’re like me and don’t use dirty money you’re welcome to use an app to use collect the change or make small withdrawals from your account and move it into savings.
  3. Go through your house and turn off lights when they’re not strictly necessary to save on electricity.
  4. Turn off any electronic device plugged into the wall that doesn’t need to be on.
  5. Put on a layer or take off a layer when considering heating or cooling.
  6. Cook less – eating more “cold foods” like raw fruits and vegetables is healthier anyway.
  7. Save on the water bill by taking fewer showers with less heat. Dermatologists say the American takes too many showers anyway (Time magazine said once or twice a week is all that’s necessary.)
  8. Track your spending. Set up a budget and mark each of your expenses using an Excel spreadsheet or if you’re weird and don’t use the computer like… maybe some grid paper?
  9. Or if you’re super lazy like me use an app! Simple – It comes with its own debit card and has no ATM fees, and offers visualized spending. Simple “does all the math for you by taking your balance and subtracting upcoming bill payments, pending transactions, and any Goals you’re saving for.”
  10. Set goals to work towards your savings requirement. S.M.A.R.T. goals paired with some kick ass visuals are awesome. Make a happy little chart and print it, then frame it, and then decorate your house with it like I do.
  11. Or be normal and try using Unsplurge, its an app that tracks how much you’re saving. It has some great visualization tools that really keeps you motivated.
  12. Kylie Travers of kylietravers.com.au, advised the following: “Look for ways to make money from your travel, not just save. For example, AirBnB your house or rent out your car.”
  13. “Do sponsored trips [for bloggers or influencers], sell your photos, or write articles for other sites and magazines.” [Kylie Travers]
  14. “Look for working travel opportunities such as farms, bar work, resorts, cruises and nannying.” [Kylie Travers]
  15. Laura of noshoestoday.com recommended, “Give yourself a budget every week and make sure you stick to it. Get the cash out so you can keep reminding yourself that once it’s gone then that’s it until next week! That way you’re not putting silly little spends on your card and it really makes you question whether you really need to buy everything before you buy it!”
  16. Erin of curiouslyerin.com said “I make sure I write down anything I spend money on each day. Actually being able to look back on your expenses makes you much more accountable. It is also easy to see what things you can cut down on, or remove entirely.”
  17. Kylie of thethriftyissue.com.au, “Go over your entire budget and reduce expenses where you can, such as comparing insurance, rent out your spare space or move somewhere smaller, menu plan to reduce your groceries then put all the extra money to travel.”
  18. “Get reward cards to get travel points and get smart with your money then when you are ready to travel plan ahead, compare travel prices, use your points and look for free options. Travel doesn’t need to cost anything.” [Kylie]
  19. Karen of wanderlustingk.com “Clothing is the easiest thing to cut back on. Start shopping secondhand and/or learn to sew to make your old clothes seem like new clothes. There’s nothing like turning an old shirt that you don’t love into a shirt that everyone compliments you on that you made yourself!
  20. Katie of creativetravelguide.com “Book your flights and hotels on an incognito browser – websites can save your previous searches and bump the prices up.”
  21. Avoid fast food or going out when you can eat in, it’s expensive and unhealthy.
  22. Quit smoking, possibly the most expensive habit I’ve ever heard of. Quit the pot and quit the tobacco if you dare.
  23. Stop by Goodwill instead of expensive department stores and hunt the sale days! Recycling clothing is good for the environment and your budget.
  24. Keep the receipts when you donate to Goodwill and you can claim it on your taxes.
  25. Ask if there’s military, student, or senior discounts where applicable. Spotify is 4.99 a month for college student accounts, all you do is verify with a student email. Plus Amazon Prime for students is freeeeee.
  26. Sell anything you don’t want or need in the house on Craigslist. Don’t be an idiot when meeting strangers online.
  27. Take the bus instead of driving to work.
  28. Get a cut at Great Clips instead of your $100-for-a-trim salon. Do you REALLY need professional cut and color? No. Buy it from a box and get over it if you want to see Greece.
  29. Buy in bulk when you can to save on long-term items. Groceries can get really expensive, but I’ve noticed when I buy in bulk and portion out what I need food lasts longer and I spend less.
  30. Any money you win, any bonus from work, any tax refund, goes into the savings account. And is left alone.
  31. Drink water instead of soft drinks and drip coffee instead of energy drinks. Your heart health will improve and your wallet will be happier.
  32. Wait an allotted amount of time before spending, some decide 24 hours is good and some decide 30 days is good. You decide what amount of time separates an impulse from a wise decision.
  33. Save money on gas by searching websites for the lowest gas price available.
  34. Carpool to save on gas and save the environment. Yay, you’re helping earth!
  35. Downgrade your cellphone plan. Since I work from home I think I should downgrade my plan to unlimited talk, text, and maybe a gig of data. I’m also moving to a prepaid account. Goodbye $180 bill, helloooo $60 a month.
  36. Use your dishwasher instead of manually washing dishes, it’s cheaper this way. Make sure to turn off the dry heat option as the dishes can air dry for 30 minutes after washing without using the electricity.
  37. Set your water heater to 120 to save on the bill.
  38. Bike to work instead of drive if you have the athleticism.
  39. Buy generic instead of brand name if it’s cheaper. Does it matter if you got the super saving grocery store’s brand of pepper or did you actually need $50 pepper from Whole Foods? Do you want pepper from Whole Foods or do you want to go to where that pepper is made and hang glide over somewhere interesting?
  40. If you’re an entrepreneur like me, try working with other small businesses for any bulk orders you might need. For example, paper orders.
  41. Buy and use energy-efficient products.
  42. Send an invoice or reminder if you don’t get paid for something you did work on. Do not let people forget they owe you money!
  43. Coupons. Yes, coupons. I went to the sick side of the internet that helps along that stage in parenthood every woman goes through where she decides to coupon. And eventually, her kitchen cabinets start to resemble the stockpile of some prepper’s bomb shelter. It’s safe, I’ve returned unscathed and not spontaneously transformed into a mom. Go through that mail you get every week and use those coupons. Then go to the website of the place you shop and see if you can find more. Then go to the brand sites and see if you can find others. AND SO ON.
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