The Best Summer Bucket List for Washington

Every year I participate in the most predictable “twenty-something college girl” stereotype by making an epic summer bucket list. This year I’ve pulled out the big guns and make this list twice as valuable as any other because I show you WHERE to accomplish these bucket list items as well as HOW TO articles because I also need this article for future reference. (Hence, DIY flower crown making and wearing.) While I normally focus exclusively on adventure travel I figured today I’d branch out and share some of my own bucket list items AND resources to participate in these items. Continue reading “The Best Summer Bucket List for Washington”

Adventure Travel – The Ultimate Relationship Test

There’s nothing like a confusing drive to a trail head, an extremely challenging hike, and some hanger (hungry + anger) to bring out the worst in people. Whether you consider the worst to be constant positivity from the one practically running uphill while you trudge silently on praying the view is worth this bullshit, or if you consider it torture to drag a puddle of misery up that beautiful scenic hill. Adventure and adrenaline can make anyone a little crazy in ways you just can’t replicate on the couch watching Netflix together. Continue reading “Adventure Travel – The Ultimate Relationship Test”

Should You Go On A Whale Watching Tour?

Why Go Whale Watching – Why See Whales in Their Natural Habitat?

“There’s nothing that compares to seeing these animals in the wild.” – Erin, a naturalist with Island Adventures speaking about whale watching orcas in the San Juan Islands. Imagine yourself onboard the Island Explorer 4, a vessel designed for the optimal whale watching experience cruising through the habitat of resident orca whale pods. Your naturalist narrates the journey, pointing out wildlife and interesting facts about the area’s history. Your fellow tourists, ranging from newborns to the elderly, have the opportunity to follow along in a 64-page pamphlet and take photographs of your exploration. For the duration of the tour, you live on “whale time” – allowing you the opportunity to relax and observe the wonders of their magnificent home. Continue reading “Should You Go On A Whale Watching Tour?”

6 Empowering Contemporary Female Adventurers

It’s International Women’s Month, and I’ve been on a month-long hunt to find the most role model worthy female figures in adventure travel! I eventually had to throw myself on the mercy of my fellow travel buddies, so thank you to the people who helped me find each woman adventurer! Continue reading “6 Empowering Contemporary Female Adventurers”

Cycling Through The Pacific Northwest

By Greg Gobat


My favorite part and view of the Oregon Coast… Conquered!! Mountains can suck it. 😤 #besomebody

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 The western coast of the United States provides some of the most unique and rugged terrain I have ever seen in my life. Having gone to grad school in Oregon, I had been out to a few points to explore, but nothing could have prepared me for what I would experience biking down it.

Continue reading “Cycling Through The Pacific Northwest”

You Can Have A Mental Illness AND Be Adventurous

Despite the ad campaigns preaching empathy and understanding my illness is something I’m rarely open about. I’ve mentioned it in passing in a few other posts, but today I’m going to discuss the difficulties and coping mechanisms required to overcome mental illness. I have depression and anxiety, here’s how I conquer my own mental illness to lead the adventurous lifestyle I want. It’s not a one size fits all, it’s not a definitive recipe for success, it’s a small window into the life of one person with mental illnesses. I hope it encourages those of you who may be suffering from mental illness or those of you trying to empathize with friends and family who suffer from mental illness. Continue reading “You Can Have A Mental Illness AND Be Adventurous”

7 Travelers Share Their Epic Stories of Romance On The Go

Romance On The Go – My Favorite Topic EVER

Growing up I used to read my mothers romance novels and daydream about what my future husband would be like. Embarrassing fact, sometimes my Barbies would act out my retelling of the stories, usually with lots of kissing. As an adult any version of “Some Number of Couples Share Their Engagement Story” is opened and read beginning to end – no matter how many ads I have to fight through. Then I obsess over each personal story, retell the best ones to my friends, and then pin the article to my secret Pinterest board of shame (I have 3 different wedding boards – omg I know.) My favorite articles to read are love stories, particularly tales of love on the road. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, I asked travelers from all over the world to tell me about their best stories of romance on the go. I hope you enjoy them like I have!

Continue reading “7 Travelers Share Their Epic Stories of Romance On The Go”

What It Was Like At The Womxn’s March

Tolerance Is The Hallmark of A Great Traveler

Having spent a lot of my life on the road  I have picked up that tolerance and acceptance are vital to the success of a society. International travel and good parents taught me to treat others with respect no matter their looks, their religion, or where they’re from. Since I was also raised with normal, healthy boundaries I know it’s wrong for both regular people and elected officials to condone illegal and immoral acts, including rape, sexual harassment, and the exclusion of a person based on what gender they do the dirty with. I also know that it means something to take a stand for my beliefs. Together with a rainbow of women, men, and children I took to the streets with a peaceful silent march against bigotry, sexism, and hatred in the Womxn’s March in Seattle. Continue reading “What It Was Like At The Womxn’s March”

The Five Best Ted Talks In The World For Travel Inspiration

5 best tedtalks for travel inspo

The 5 Best Ted Talks For Travel Inspo

I use ted talks for travel inspiration, idea building, and maintaining a positive outlook between adventures. It’s thrilling to share my top five ted talks for travel inspiration with my readers. I hope you enjoy this quick list, comment below with your favorite Ted Talk article/presentation!  Continue reading “The Five Best Ted Talks In The World For Travel Inspiration”

Why I Made The Most Terrifying Bucket List of My Life

bucket list

Have you ever done anything that terrified you because you felt like you were living in a box made from your own fear?

Despite my passion, the realities of travel can feel overwhelming for me. I live my life with intense anxiety and depression. Crowds make me claustrophobic and after a while I start to feel as anxious to escape as a jungle cat in a circus cage. The fear of getting lost seems to take my heart in its hands and squeeze whenever I try to navigate through a new place. My terrible sense of direction in new places do not help. Continue reading “Why I Made The Most Terrifying Bucket List of My Life”