Discover The Pacific NW Like Never Before By Doing This One Thing

This one thing will link you with the thrilling and unforgettable beauty of Washington. You’ll discover the region as never before, with lots of help, research, and time from me personally.

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How To Be A Pro Airbnb Guest

Despite having TONS of experience with hotel reservations and stays my trip to Anacortes was my first time booking via Airbnb, so it took me a WHILE to find the right kind of accommodation for me. I spent weeks researching without contacting anyone. After all, I haven’t had a weekend away in years. After doing a LOT of digging I’ve found there’s a simple formula to success for Airbnb guests. Without a doubt, you need to know what you want, communicate your needs and be prepared to be a respectful human being while in your host’s venue. Let me elaborate. Continue reading “How To Be A Pro Airbnb Guest”

43 Ways To Save Up Money To Travel

I Hate Trying To Save Money – I Suck At It

I’ve written before about traveling economically, here if you’re interested, but the saving prior to travel bit is my biggest challenge. I have never been taught how to save money. I grew up in low-income housing, in my family money left over from bills was spent on ice cream from the dollar menu at McDonald’s. Now that I’m an adult making big girl money, I realize my fun money is gone before I have time to decide what I want to spend it on. So I decided that both myself and my readers were deeply in need of some tips to help us save money for those things we really want – adventures! I honest to god have no idea what I’m talking about when it comes to budgeting so I put together the below list from the fiscal wisdom of money savvy travelers and financial advisors. Continue reading “43 Ways To Save Up Money To Travel”

How To Keep Feet Warm For Your Next Winter Adventure

I have not been able to keep my feet from turning into tiny toe popsicles during long winter hikes and I am on the warpath for change. Who wants warm feet? *US OUTDOORSY PEOPLE!* When do we want them? *NOW!* In an effort to be comfortable on my next mountain top hike, I did a bit of footwork (pun intended) to find some great tips for keeping my tootsies toasty. In my research, I found a lot of old wives tales published by reputable sources and it left me in a quandary wondering what’s proven by science and what’s just junk? Continue reading “How To Keep Feet Warm For Your Next Winter Adventure”

26 Songs You Need For the Ultimate Romantic Adventure Travel Playlist

Here Are The 26 Songs You Need To Make Your Ultimate Romantic Adventure Travel Playlist

Love songs are my crack, I’d crush them up and snort them if I could, so this playlist was a dream to put together. I made an embarrassingly upbeat playlist of all the love songs that make me want to jump up and go on a trip. This music celebration of love and travel unloads a much needed glitter bomb of joy and happiness into my life. Continue reading “26 Songs You Need For the Ultimate Romantic Adventure Travel Playlist”

5 Experts Weigh In – What You Need To Know Before The Hike

beginner hikers how to

Beginner Hikers Rejoice – Your Prayers FAQ’s Have Been Answered

Everyone and their mother (myself included) set a New Year’s resolution to hike into the wilderness a little more. I planned a series of breathtaking hikes through the state, but I’ll be honest, I had no clue what to pack, wear, or prep with, so I decided the best fix was to quiz some mighty mountain people in a quest for wisdom. I was lucky to get some invaluable advice from friends, fellow bloggers, and dope ass adventurers. This feedback was an absolute godsend to read before I hit the trail. This is an excellent resource for beginners like me to prepare for their next hike. Make sure to comment with any handy tips, hikes, or additional questions you might have! Continue reading “5 Experts Weigh In – What You Need To Know Before The Hike”

Reader Survey: What do you want to see next?

What kind of travel methods and experiences are you looking for?

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How To Sleep On A Plane

how to sleep on a plane

How to Sleep On A Plane

Sleeping is skill I don’t have. Not only am I a light sleeper, I am an insomniac who passes out shortly before 2 AM on a good day. In regards to sleeping tricks, I know and have used them all. Here is a collective of all my tips and tricks on how to sleep on a plane. (Insomniac tested and approved.) Continue reading “How To Sleep On A Plane”

Travel Hacks For The Pacific Northwest

Great travel hacks to make your planning, packing, and preparation easy.

Planning for your next adventure can be a breeze or it can be a bore. Hopefully this list of travel hacks helps you get ready for your next adventure with the least hassle. Continue reading “Travel Hacks For The Pacific Northwest”

The Ultimate Adventure Travel Bucket List of the Pacific Northwest

I love making an in-depth travel bucket list, specifically one that includes my favorite adventure travel ideas for Washington the Pacific Northwest. I think it comes from the deep satisfaction I get checking off an accomplishment. By the time I finish the list I feel like I’ve conquered the world. I began this blog to share hidden treasures of the PNW, so I’ve tried to balance major natural attractions with lesser known locations and events. Today I’m sharing my bucket list with a little more of Buzzfeed-style format and I hope that it sparks your interest and you’re able to glean some ideas for your next adventure. Continue reading “The Ultimate Adventure Travel Bucket List of the Pacific Northwest”