Diversity as a Way to Surprise and Connect with People

Written by: Ana Montano, of GnomeTrotting

I’m diverse in many ways one can be diverse. I’m a Cuban-born female who also happens to be bisexual. And rather than hinder me, I’ve found that my unique brand of diversity tends to surprise people in a good way and helps me connect to them. Rather than face discrimination and hate, I find that most people embrace the fact that I violate many of the stereotypes associated with my minority groups. Continue reading “Diversity as a Way to Surprise and Connect with People”

Introducing The Diversity Series

Why is establishing diversity in every part of your life important in this day and age? Aren’t we over racism/sexism/ableism?

2017 has not been a year I have been proud of as a white woman living in the United States. The president is a hateful little person who propagates awful messages about my friends, family, and community. His opinions and the cronies he’s surrounded himself with have established that racism, sexism, and ableism are far from dead. I think of myself as someone who stands against his racism and ableism. However, when I went through my blog feed recently to format posts, make small revisions, and update header images I realized my blog had become shamefully whitewashed. Every picture featured a white man or woman, every article written from the perspective of a white physically “abled” man or woman. My stomach dropped, I had become one of those ignorant white female travel bloggers that I so strongly disliked. How on earth could I go about fixing this disparity?

It starts with a conscious decision to be inclusive. I started by replacing many of my “basic white girl” pictures with images that featured diverse models. When in doubt, I took color out of the picture completely and used landscapes. You can’t whitewash a landscape.

But I don’t want these changes to be skin deep or temporary. While I’ve been working on being more open about my own mental illness, that’s no place to stop. So I asked the advice of my fellow travel writers. From now on I’ll work to get one post a month featuring diverse blogger(s) or material focused on diversity.

Here’s to hoping I don’t crash and burn. A big part of not burning and crashing comes from your participation and active involvement. If you’d like to submit a guest post or idea for a post please submit your article below. Please email with any questions: info@upperleftculture.com.

Click here to access what resources I have collected so far.

Here are the submission guidelines:

  • 300 or more words
  • written by YOU, a member of a minority, about travel in general, or with a focus on the PNW, travel, and outdoor adventure is important
  • I will include a do follow link to a source of your choice which can be your blog, social media, or a non-profit organization (like NSCP or Planned Parenthood.)