Issaquah – The Outdoor Hotspot

My family moved up to North Bend, Washington from California some thirty odd years ago. My mother graduated from Mount Si High School, like the rest of her siblings. My grandparents owned and cleared about two acres with two horses and a trusty trail dog. It’s a corner of the world I happen to have wonderful memories of. One of my favorite places to go was Issaquah during Salmon Days, a huge festival the town throws with lots to do and see for a ten year old.

“Issaquah” is a version of a word for a local Native American name, Is-qua-ah meaning either “the sound of birds”, “snake”, or “little stream”. There’s a lot to do in Issaquah, in this short guide you can find thrilling outdoor activities, from horseback riding to paragliding, as well as spectacular accommodations. Take note of the festivals listed below to enjoy the best of the community there! Continue reading “Issaquah – The Outdoor Hotspot”

Best of Sequim, WA

Sequim is an adorable community in the northernmost part of Washington state between Port Townsend and Port Angeles. The city itself is rather small, but the surrounding area has a population of about 68,000 as of a 2010 census. The area is full of exciting and intriguing things to see. As a kid, my favorite place to visit in Sequim was Dungeness Spit, where little sea creatures could be discovered tucked away in tide pools. We’d find sand hidden in every nook and cranny of our bodies and our car for weeks afterward. I hope you and yours enjoy Sequim as much as I have! Continue reading “Best of Sequim, WA”

Anacortes in one adventure packed weekend

Anacortes is an amazing destination – perfect to see the unrivaled beauty of the San Juan Islands. As you know, the Pacific Northwest is my stomping ground and I take joy in discovering it’s nooks and crannies. Well, let me tell you, I’ve never connected with marine animals like I did on this trip. I paddled past SIX eagles circling their nest, saw dainty harbor porpoises play at the surface, harbor seals tanning in the sun, the resident stellar sea lion posing bravely for the cameras, and THREE pods of orca’s frolicking at the water’s surface. Not only did I get an amazing connection with the wildlife on these eco tours but I found great food, good coffee, and some amazing accommodation.

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Traversing Through The Most Breathtaking Hike in Seabeck

hiking guillemot cove

Hiking Guillemot Cove in Seabeck, Washington

In search of a short but high reward hike while you’re West of the Puget Sound? I am always searching for hikes I can fit in before my full-time job or into my weekend off. While I was hunting I found photos from Guillemot Cove on Washington Trails Association ( that took my breath away. After researching the location on Instagram, I knew the views from this hike would be worth whatever mud I would have to slosh through. It took me weeks, but I finally got myself and my friend Kaitlyn and our dogs to Seabeck, Washington to hike to Guillemot Cove. (Tiny hint, photographs are in a cute little slideshow at the bottom!) UPDATE: This trail is not dog friendly, which I totally missed. So please don’t be a f*ckup like me and take your dog – you may face fines.  Continue reading “Traversing Through The Most Breathtaking Hike in Seabeck”

What It Was Like At The Womxn’s March

Tolerance Is The Hallmark of A Great Traveler

Having spent a lot of my life on the road  I have picked up that tolerance and acceptance are vital to the success of a society. International travel and good parents taught me to treat others with respect no matter their looks, their religion, or where they’re from. Since I was also raised with normal, healthy boundaries I know it’s wrong for both regular people and elected officials to condone illegal and immoral acts, including rape, sexual harassment, and the exclusion of a person based on what gender they do the dirty with. I also know that it means something to take a stand for my beliefs. Together with a rainbow of women, men, and children I took to the streets with a peaceful silent march against bigotry, sexism, and hatred in the Womxn’s March in Seattle. Continue reading “What It Was Like At The Womxn’s March”

How I Avoided Lame Cover Charges On New Year’s Eve In Seattle (Includes Free Printable)

The Tips And Tricks You Need For Seattle Pub Crawls On New Year’s Eve!

This New Year’s Eve felt like the perfect time to break out of the mold and help you experience a “big city adventure” that isn’t the usual tour of Seattle. My tour has way more booze, no cover charges, and sh*t that blows up. You’re welcome.
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My Washington Travel Bucketlist

This is a short experiment with vlogging. This is one of the first videos I’ve attempted creating on Youtube, so forgive me if it’s a little rough. Some of my newer attempts are available on my channel. Feel free to subscribe using your email to keep abreast of my adventures!

If you’re interested in seeing me cry while held hostage aloft in a hot air balloon click here. Continue reading “My Washington Travel Bucketlist”

Winterfest in Downtown Bremerton

The evening spent at Winterfest in Downtown Bremerton was beautiful and simple. Children laughed and played in front of the grand white pillars of the Puget Sound Navy Museum. The Bremerton High School marching band performed traditional Christmas melodies and the Bremerton High School Drill team performed in cheerful Christmas garb. Continue reading “Winterfest in Downtown Bremerton”

Late To Winterfest in Manette

From the Left To Right: Me, Kelsey, Scot, Austin

Winterfest in Manette…

img_9091was cute, even if it was cut short by our late arrival. I was excited my friends were able to get to know one of my favorite, quirky parts of Bremerton. Continue reading “Late To Winterfest in Manette”

Where To Have The Most Beautiful Seattle Date Night

“Do you have an idea for date night babe?” – The Love of Your Life

If you’d like your next answer to be a blessed “Yes, dear” keep reading. If you happen to be in Seattle in one of the nine rainy months of the year, one of the best date spots and glass museums I’ve been to is Chihuly Gardens and Glass.

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