The Local’s Guide To Adventure Travel In The Pacific Northwest

adventure travel pacific northwestMy name is Mercae, I’m a twenty something college student in Washington and I’m here to introduce you to hard to find adventures awaiting discovery in the Pacific Northwest.

The Pacific Northwest as I define it is a region made up of Alaska, British Columbia CA, Washington, Oregon, and Northern California. My passion for discovering the most exciting and beautiful places means you find the best way to avoid the crowds and get Instagram worthy selfies that no one else will. You and I both know you won’t regret seeing Alaskan glaciers, conquering mountain peaks, or swimming with your dog in a lake that’s clear as glass.

You may not know but I don’t just write about jaw dropping experiences in the Pacific Northwest. I share product reviews of gear, clothing, and items used during my adventures, I also help new bloggers with invaluable blogging tips and tricks, publish guest posts discussing diversity in travel, and share ways you can aid conservation of our environment. I even publish local events so you can schedule your travel to incorporate interesting holidays and festivals!

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